Year 1

Welcome to wonderful Year 1!

We will keep you informed through notes, letters and this website.

Together with parents/guardians we can make Year 1 a successful, fun and exciting year for all. Thank you for your continued support. Please talk to any of the staff in Class 3 or Class 4 about any concerns you may have or to see how to help your child.

Our Year 1 Team:

Class 3: Mrs Scott / Mrs Hollinshead
Class 4: Miss Savory

Support Staff:
Mrs Blunt
Mrs Newall


Indoor: Monday
Outdoor: Wednesday

Year 1 is an exciting year for children full of fun and learning. The children begin to develop skills that will support them throughout their life such as: being independent; how to be a good citizen and friend; as well as a jam-packed curriculum!

As a member of Year 1 we make good choices, build friendships and have a voice which is heard by others. We are encouraged to share our opinions and appreciate those of others. We always try our best and are proud of our achievements

Phonics in Year 1

The phonics screening test is a big focus in Year 1. The children will prepare for this throughout the year by playing games, completing writing and reading activities and taking part in group activities, which they thoroughly enjoy.


The main focus of homework is the Learning Log. We try to give children a range of tasks including open-ended tasks, which allow them to work in ways that suit their learning style.
There is an expectation that all children attempt the homework set and hand in their Learning Log on Wednesdays.
Each week we also give out spellings in the Learning Log. We have a spelling test each week on Thursdays.


We believe that listening to children read is vital. Children are expected to read from their school book every night: parents/guardians can record their child’s progress in their reading record books. These should be brought to school every day so we can award stickers for every third read and inform you of when your child has done a group guided read or read individually. Together, we need to challenge every child to read widely and often.