Bon Voyage Mr Beighton and Ms Swann!

During our final assembly of 2019, we said a fond farewell to two members of staff who are moving onto ventures new.

Firstly, Ms Swann is leaving us having temporarily taken the helm so admirably to steer class 3 whilst Mrs Hollingshead was on maternity leave. A big thank you for all your efforts and we wish you all the very best in your next venture.

Secondly, we bid farewell to Mr Beighton who has been with Mercenfeld since 2011. Mr Beighton has been an amazing member of our team with a very resilient attitude to all the challenges that have faced him while working here. From ICT gliches and dying computers; production lighting to sound systems; too little disk space to overworked internet! These are to name but a few that have reared their ugly heads, it’s a wonder he found the time to teach!

As a tribute, Charlie challenged him to a Mastermind round on his favourite subject, ICT. They were challenging questions and we won’t mention his score. Mya read a poem she had written about joining his class and how it made her feel. Brought a tear to many an eye in the hall. Thank you both for making it special for Mr Beighton.

Thank you so much Mr Beighton, we will miss your booming voice, cheerful demeanor, upbeat attitude and the competitive spirit that has underpinned many aspects of Mercenfeld. Good luck in your new career as an author!