Month: November 2019

Reading Challenge Scores
Reading Challenge Scores

The Reading Challenge has now separated into two leagues; KS1 and KS2. KS1 are compiling a termly total and KS2 are compiling their half termly scores from the October break.

KS2 Reading Challenge totals:

Class 14 = 447   

Class 13 = 441  

Class 12 = 498  1st  

Class 11 = 342

Class 10 = 436

Class 9 = 189

Class 8 = 489   2nd 

Class 7 = 487   3rd

KS1 are currently updating theirs and will be collated next week.

KS2 Stars of the Week

The theme for this week was ‘problem-solving’ and our stars were recognised for their improved capabilities of this skill across the curriculum. All have ‘gone the extra mile’ in their efforts so well done. Other R2R skills including creativity, reasoning, engagement and resilience were noted for many of the children selected and if you get the chance, ask them about why they are our ‘Stars of the Week’ and what they did to earn it?

Don’t forget it could be you next week if you demonstrate your prowess in ‘problem-solving’.

House Point Totals 29.11.19
House Point Totals 29.11.19

House Point Totals:

It’s all swap places this week on the weekly scores so well done to those who have put the extra teamwork and effort in to move their team up! 

Weekly total:

First place: Bosworth 173 points

Second place: Charnwood 163 Points

Third place: Swithland 159 points

Fourth place: Bradgate 141 points

This means the new updated term totals are;

Termly total:

First place: Charnwood 1704 points

Second place: Swithland 1618 Points

Third place: Bosworth 1541 points

Fourth place: Bradgate 1460 points

Come on teams, keep on with the fantastic effort