Day: July 5, 2019

Final House Points for this term 5.7.19
Final House Points for this term 5.7.19

Weekly Total: 

Here are this week’s scores and the final termly ones for this academic year

1st: Swithland 205 points

2nd: Bradgate 174 points

3rd: Bosworth 164 points

4th: Charnwood 160 points

Which brings the final scores to…

Termly Total:

1st: Swithland 1619 points

Joint 2nd:  Bradgate and Bosworth 1609points

4th: Charnwood 1562 points

I think this is the closest final outcome we have ever had and WELL DONE SWITHLAND!

KS2 Celebration Assembly 5.7.19
KS2 Celebration Assembly 5.7.19

Our final theme for the year was ‘confidence’ and our stars have been recognised for their development of this area in many aspects of their learning and curriculum. Most began the academic year by being quiet and trying to avoid drawing attention to themselves. However, this has completely turned around, especially over recent weeks, to become loud and proud!

Well done to everyone and keep it up!

There have been many sporting events recently, including Saffron Lane Athletics and Area Youth Games, which teams attending representing Mercenfeld. Mr Perkins was delighted to inform everyone how each team was a credit to school in their team spirit, consideration of others and attitude to sport. These factors contributed to the Cricketers winning a trophy for their ‘team spirit and sportsmanship’ and the Hockey players coming third out of all the area teams! What amazing results!

A huge well done also to Fynley in year 4 for receiving his Touch Typing certificate for learning by touch all the letters of the alphabet! Good lad!