Day: June 28, 2019

KS2 Celebration Assembly 28.6.19
KS2 Celebration Assembly 28.6.19

This week the theme was ‘communication’, a vital skill in all aspects of life’s journey. Our stars were recognised for the development of this skill across their learning; being able to make themselves understood with eloquence; adjusting their language and interaction to be mindful of ages and for a change in attitude by asking for help. These skills have also become more apparent in the playground where the children have resolved issues or upsets independently from adult intervention by using better communication skills

Well done to everyone who was selected and keep it up!

Next week the theme is ‘confidence’, something that come naturally to some whereas others need to develop it through the things that they do.

House Points 28.6.19
House Points 28.6.19

Weekly Total: 

Here are this week’s scores and what a turnaround! Every team has swapped positions!

1st: Bradgate 225 points

2nd: Swithland 194 points

3rd: Charnwood 183 points

4th: Bosworth 182 points

Bosworth have a narrowing margin of 10 points with Bradgate in second place. There’s only 43 points between 1st and 4th. Next week is the final week so come on guys, go for it! It could be any tip that pips the post

Termly Total:

1st: Bosworth 1445 points

2nd: Bradgate 1435 points

3rd: Swithland 1414 points

4th: Charnwood 1402 points