Day: June 7, 2019

Introducing our new lunchtime salad bar!

Take a look at our new trolley to hold our lunchtime salad goodies. The children are loving it and making good use of it so far.



Stars of the Week 7.6.19
Stars of the Week 7.6.19

This week was the joint culmination of the themes from the week before half term and this week. The candidates were nominated for their abilities and prowess in ‘risk taking’ and ‘teamwork’! It was wonderful to hear how the ‘Stars of the week’ have demonstrated skills in communication, fairness, problem-solving, integrity and growth mindset. These are all some of the previous themes discussed in our weekly ‘Route to Resilience’ lessons, assemblies and are definitely becoming part of our school culture.

Well done to everyone who was selected and keep it up!

Next week the theme is ‘imagination’! At the moment, I cannot imagine who the teachers will be decide to pick from all of our imaginative crew.


House Point Total 7.6.19
House Point Total 7.6.19

Weekly Total: 

Here are this week’s scores and what a turnaround!

1st: Charnwood 360 points

2nd: Bosworth 348 points

3rd: Swithland 337 points

4th: Bradgate 293 points

This alters the term totals to the following with Charnwood narrowly staying ahead!

Termly Total

1st: Charnwood 880 points

2nd: Swithland 849 points

3rd: Bosworth 820 points

4th: Bradgate 780 points