Day: May 10, 2019

KS2 Star Assembly
KS2 Star Assembly

Due to bank holiday on Monday and the assembly introducing the theme not taking place, the teachers were able to choose from any of the previous themes for this week. They ranged from perseverance to creative thinking; resilience to risk-taking, self-regulation to determination… the list went on!

It was fantastic to see the nominees being recognised for their individual attributes and the pride on the faces of their families who came to see the presentations. In fact some of them were up out of their seats! Well, they were looking under their chairs for the theme for next week which is ’empathy’.


House Point Totals 10.5.19
House Point Totals 10.5.19

Weekly Total: 

This is the last weekly total for this term and it was so close!

1st: Charnwood 159 points

2nd: Bradgate 146 points

3rd: Swithland 141 points

4th: Bosworth 134 points

This alters the term totals to the following with Charnwood edging into a healthy lead!

Termly Total

1st: Charnwood 353 points

2nd: Swithland 302 points

3rd: Bradgate 278 points

4th: Bosworth 276 points

Fairtrade Pop-up Coffee Shop!
Fairtrade Pop-up Coffee Shop!

Thank you for coming to our Fairtrade Pop up coffee shop! The children worked hard to make some delicious treats that included Fairtrade products such as; bananas, sugar, dried fruit, coffee and syrup.

The total amount that we raised was £112, this will go towards our Food for Life award fund that will enable us to replace our flight trays with bowls and plates. Once we have achieved this goal we will be able to receive our Silver Award which reflects all the hard work that our kitchen, teachers and gardening team put into teaching the children the value of healthy food and sustainability.

Thank you to Mrs Mullins for collecting all the items from the Fairtrade shop in Leicester, JUST. Thank you to Mr Pattuzzi for all the amazing work that you do with our Garden Rangers. Thank you to Mrs Smith who helped us with the baking and preparation of the cakes.

Throughout the whole event, we referred to the ‘Fairness’ Superhero…lots of food for thought!