Celebration Assembly 22.3.19

This week had two themes to choose from as we missed assembly last week because of the Science Fair. ‘Curiosity’ was one and ‘reasoning’ the other.

Our little stars were recognised for their curious minds that prompt their motivation to learn new things; go a step further to tackle challenges and to expand on the things we learn about in school. Others were acknowledged for their reasoning ability to explain how something works or how they arrived at the answer. To be able to do either of the two themes, the children have had, in many cases, to show resilience, risk-taking and perseverance character muscles. A huge well done to all of you!

Our Year 5-6 football team were commended for coming first in a local tournament organised by Hinckley and Bosworth. They came first out of a league of eight teams and some grueling matches. Fantastic!

Looking forward to seeing who will be in next week for ‘reflecting’. Put the mirrors away, it is not that definition!