House Point and Reading Challenge Totals 8.2.19

Phew! Everything has changed around again… it’s all systems go and nobody at this stage can predict the outcome!

Weekly Total: 

1st: Bosworth 309 points

2nd: Swithland 286 points

3rd: Charnwood 275 points

4th: Bradgate 261 points

This updates the termly totals to…

Termly Total

1st: Bosworth 309 points

2nd: Charnwood 893 points

3rd: Swithland 887 points

 4th: Bradgate 868 points

This has increased the points difference to 41  points but every point counts teams so keep up the good work!

The Reading Challenge is hotting up with the different KS2 classes avidly competing for first place. Every read counts!!

1st: Class 8 – 576 reads

2nd: Class 10 – 540 reads

3rd: Class 12 – 477 reads

4th: Class 6 – 455 reads

Joint 5th: Class 9 and Class 7 – 330 reads

7th: Class 11 – 255

Next week will see the totals for this half term and the winning class announced in Celebration assembly.