Young Voices Choir 2019

Friday saw the long awaited trip to the Resorts Arena in Birmingham to perform in the Choir alongside other children from around the UK. The venue was huge; the excitement mounting, the noise deafening and the children ecstatic!

Finally making it there after the hard work and commitment shown by the children and staff was something to behold, even the 35 minute stand still on the motorway there did not dampen the spirits. In the words of the children and a number of parents, it was AWESOME!

This amazing event runs over two months and involves so many, including the 6700 children on Friday, showcases the talent, enthusiasm and determination of our younger generations. Take a look at the gallery to get a flavour of the night. I personally can’t wait till next year!

A big thank you must go to Mrs Blunt for actually bringing the event to the attention of the school; to her and the staff involved organising the children each week while they learned the songs and to everyone who gave up their Friday night to support it.

Despite the late return to school, the children were tired but buzzing and so many parents took the time to express how much they had enjoyed it all and felt privileged their children had been able to have such a positive experience. Here’s to the next one!