Fairness Assembly


Fairness makes the world go around.  Being fair is one of the most important character muscles we can develop and strengthen as it is a key ingredient to making the world a peaceful, happy place. Fairness is…

  • Providing people with what they need to be successful
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Playing fair and by the rules
  • Being honest
  • Being prepared to compromise
  • Caring and including others
  • Not blaming others
  • Admitting when you are wrong
  • Making decisions in a fair way
  • Keeping an open mind about different opinions
  • Showing respect for others


Overall, fairness is about making sure everyone is supported and treated with kindness and respect.  It is making sure everyone is given the help they need to be successful. We explored this concept in assembly today and this week we’ll be keeping a close eye out for children displaying ‘fairness’ and praising children who are supportive and caring towards others in the classroom and playground.  Let us know if you spot any ‘fair’ behaviour by the children at home so we can celebrate this in school.