Summer Playscheme Day Two Mini Olympics

Phew! We all thought yesterday was hot, today was scorching! Good job we turned the day around and had the Olympic activities in the morning when it was a little cooler. They all had lots of fun moving around the games carousel of  Wimbledon Wobble, Hockey Dribble, Rapid Relay, Giant Football Penalty Shot and Beanbag Target!

After a short break to cool off and replenish our liquids, we returned to the field for the silly races. Some of the expressions when they had to run joined to a partner by holding hands were a sight to see… how embarrassing! Next came the Snake Race with the teams joined together by hands again and finally the slow race. There was a little deliberation as to if they all followed the heel to toe rule and keep moving!

The afternoon was more chilled out with a number of activities in the hall and a short game of football for those who had the energy left despite the heat.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little cooler but don’t forget your bikes/scooter and more importantly your safety helmets!