Netball Tournament Year 5 & 6 -12.4.18. and 19.4.18

You can not believe the difference a week makes! Last week in the first round it felt as cold as mid winter in the fog and damp while this week we were in the middle of a heatwave!! Still, at least they had the experience of competing in all weather extremes!!

The tournament was split over two sessions because of the large number of teams involved. Follow the link below for a match report from the first week written by two of our sports leaders.

Netball Match Report 12th April

The great news is, because of their amazing efforts, we are through to the final on Wednesday 2nd May at Brookvale High.

Our top scorer was Mia who made short work of the net… she literally just reached them in! The whole team were amazing working together at speed, thinking about space and options to gain the advantage. This resulted in winning four of our five matches so well done to all of them.

A huge thank you to Mrs Harris who very kindly helped both weeks with lifts and to Mrs Crockett and Mr Noon who both stepped at the last minute. Couldn’t have done it without you.