Year 6 Science morning at Brookvale

Four year 6 pupils made their way to Brookvale this morning knowing they would be taking part in some science activities but having no idea what to expect! Non-newtonian fluids (slime or custard) began the morning which culminated in measuring the energy emitted by foods to find which had the most.

The Slime experiment to find the most effective combination of ingredients to create the perfect slime became very very messy but great fun! Later, burning Monster Munch, Wotsits and Mini Cheddars to find which had the most energy was very exciting. There’s not any opportunities in Primary to set something alight with a bunsen burner, put it under a boiling tube containing water and a thermometer to find the difference in water temperature at the beginning and end of the experiment. The greatest increase in temperature pointed to the food with the most energy. Make your prediction which you think it was and then check if you were correct after looking at the gallery from today.

It’s Monster Munch! Were you correct?