Year 3 Design and Technology Event

Yesterday, some of our Year 3 children were lucky enough to attend a Design and Technology day at South Charnwood High School, along with other schools in our local area. They had to select a number of resources such as balloons, rubber bands and then create a model to safely allow an egg to drop from differing height. The height became greater if the egg survived each level, culminating in the highest drop from the upstairs window of the hall!

After the initial ‘scramble’ for resources, our children worked well as a team, keeping their ideas close to their chests so they wouldn’t be ‘poached’ by others. They ‘laid’ their ideas out and came up with a plan that should have ‘cracked’ the challenge! Sorry, bad puns a plenty in this feedback, ‘shell’ we get back to the serious business and stop making ‘yolks’ about it!

Seriously, the day was about inspiring creativity, finding solutions and working collaboratively to solve problems. It was great fun, the children did us proud and had an amazing time.They all came back bubbling with excitement from the experience. Thank you Mrs Newall for taking and supporting them on their adventure.