Victorian Day at Beaumanor Hall for the Year 4’s.

We had an amazing day at Beaumanor finding out what is was like to be a child in Victorian times. There was a big difference to the children’s lives today, even if you were one of the lucky ones to become a servant in a large house such as Beaumanor. They had a chance to try using the old equipment including a mangle to do the laundry, ironing with ‘sad irons’ and then wrapping up the finished items in brown paper to ward off unwelcome insects…yuk!

After that,they had to spend a time in school, chanting tables, reciting the alphabet backwards… a challenge for some who find it tricky to say forwards and a session of arithmetic calculations with chalk on blackboards .Then, handwriting using copperplate style… those ink pens were a little tricky to master but more than 3 ink blots in total on your hands and you got the cane for each extra one! That made calligraphers out of most of them… including Mr Beighton.

After lunch, we were treated to a tour and history lesson of the house. Ask your child about the wood on the stairways, why there are so many carved bulls around the place, the stone radiators and the paint by word glass windows? This was followed by a ‘spot the feature’ trail around the grounds with lots of facts to find out.

Finally, playtime with the old toys including Jacob’s ladders, flicker books, skipping ropes to name just a few. Such a busy, fun filled day it was no surprise some had a little nap on the way home!