Roman Day Year 5

It was great to see so many children dressed as Romans today, it was like going back in time!

Marching round the play ground led by our Centurion for the day who ably taught the children how to behave like a roman soldier. Shields held above their heads and around the sides acted as protection from the enemy while advancing across the ‘battleground’ otherwise known as the playground. Swords were brandished and javelins thrown… don’t worry, it was all pretend and the children were inspired, throwing themselves all the activities.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom, a feast was underway ready to devour in the afternoon. Biscuits flavoured with cinnamon just like the Romans loved, apple cakes, cheese, breads traditional to the time, grapes and wine (fruit cordial but they loved it) all prepared by the children in the morning.

A very busy day throughout but thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you to our Centurion and to the staff for all their hard work and organising such a great experience for the children.