Apple Day

Apple Day was a great success again and is becoming a regular exciting event in our school calendar. The children took part in a range of activities with the ‘core’ learning theme being apples.

In the challenge to get the longest apple peel, some were ‘pipped’ to the post at the last minute while others became more creative with art and poetry. Science looked at the effect lemon juice could have on slices needing the answer to be ‘squeezed’ from the depths of their thinking. The staff did an amazing job organising such a variety, so thank you. As you can see from the pictures, there was lots to be proud of. It was amazing to see so family and friends ‘bobbing’ in to get the ‘zest’ of the occasion… whoops… wrong fruit!

Enough ‘core’ny jokes, a fabulous day of learning was the outcome and the staff did an amazing job arranging such a variety, so thank you. Thanks also to Dani and Sam for organising the day and supporting the children with their ‘pressing’ engagements. Apologies, another pun slipped past the censor!

Take a look at the gallery from the day and here’s to the next one!